As previously announced, the Networking Ninja Awards will be given out on Tuesday, March 21 at a networking event at the Cask & Flagon at 804 Plain Street in Marshfield. The event, which will be part of the South Shore Networking Professionals Group’s monthly networking event, will run from 5:30 to 7:30. Admission is $10 and you can register online or at the door.

Awards will be given out for:

  • Best Connector (helping bring people together);
  • Most Ubiquitous (appears to be at every networking event);
  • Most Altruistic (does most for others);
  • Brightest Beacon (adds energy to networking events).

Winners will receive a trophy and recognition in My Pinnacle Network marketing and PR activities.

In addition to awards, attendees should bring plenty of business cards. The South Shore Networking Professionals Group third Tuesday networking event typically draws around 100 or more.

To register, click here.

The third annual My Pinnacle Network Networking Ninja Awards ceremony will be held on Tuesday, March 21 at 5:30 at the Cask and Flagon, 804 Plain Street, Marshfield. The ceremony will be held as part of the South Shore Networking group’s monthly gathering. Admission to the event is $10, which can be paid at the door. It will include light refreshments and appetizers.

Click here to vote for this year’s Networking Ninja awards.

Be a better networker TODAY

Everyone gets caught up in the craziness of work, family and other commitments. Invariably, some things fall through the cracks. For many, that’s follow-up and follow through with regard to your networking efforts.  If that sounds like you, here’s one piece of advice: today is a new day and it’s not too late to follow up.

As a rule, when you meet somebody at a networking function or conduct a one-on-one, it’s good form to follow up within three days. This may sound like a bit of a formality, but it really is another level of the networking process. Since your meeting, that person may have thought of somebody who might be a lead or referral source for you.  A simple follow-up after your meeting keeps you front-of-mind.

Now, if this is something you have been negligent on in the past, guess what? You can be a better networker today by simply making a phone call or dropping an e-mail to those you did not follow up with. Most people understand that everybody is busy and that some things do slide, particularly during the summer. A belated follow-up might rekindle the networking and lead to new business.

The most important thing about networking is consistency. Attend a certain number of events per month. Conduct X number of one-on-ones per month with people you meet at events or those who are part of your networking group. Then follow up with those individuals within three days. Yet perhaps as important as doing all those things is NOT beating yourself up too badly if you don’t.

It may sound rather Pollyanna, pie-in-the-sky, but today is another day. You can spend that day being ticked off at yourself for not doing your follow-up or setting up one-on-ones or you can send out that follow up note and apologize for not doing so sooner. Better yet, give that person a call. The fact is you can be a better networker today by forgiving yourself for what you should have done and taking action today. Simple as that.

My Pinnacle Network recently announced a full slate of business-to-business networking meetings for October. My Pinnacle Network meetings are as follows:

My Pinnacle Network – Westborough, Tuesday, October 4, from 8 a.m. – 9:30 a.m at Digital Federal Credit Union, 18 Lyman Street, Westborough, MA 01581.

My Pinnacle Network – Mansfield, Wednesday, October 5, from 8:30 a.m. to 10:00 a.m., 20 Cabot Blvd., Suite 300, Mansfield, MA 02048.

My Pinnacle Network – Marshfield, Thursday, October 6, from 9 a.m. to 10:30 a.m., 165 Enterprise Drive, Marshfield, MA 02050.

My Pinnacle Network – Newton, Thursday, October 13, 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. at 29 Crafts Street (Aflac offices), Newton, MA 02458.

My Pinnacle Network – Braintree Third Thursday, Thursday, October 20, from 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m. at 100 Grandview Road, 3rd Floor Conference Room, Braintree, MA 02184.

My Pinnacle Network – Bourne, Thursday, October 27, from 7:30 a.m. – 9 a.m., 550 MacArthur Blvd. (Route 28), Bourne, MA 02532.

Only one B2B professional will be selected for each category. Those categories can be found at Prospective members are encouraged to attend a My Pinnacle Network meeting before committing to join.

If you are interested in attending a meeting in your area, please contact Steven V. Dubin at or 781-582-1061 to RSVP. There is no charge to visit a My Pinnacle Network meeting.

The consensus on Windows 10

Last week’s e-mail reached out to our readership regarding the free upgrade to Windows 10 that Microsoft is offering until July 29. Thanks to those who responded.

The consensus is there is no consensus.  But the response provided by Victoria Zaccaria of SMH Electronics and our My Pinnacle Network-Bourne group does share a little insight for those pondering the upgrade:

“It is very different. The interface is somewhat confusing and difficult to manage or configure. Some things that were two clicks to find now may take you five or more to do the same task (kind of like a normal Windows user trying Apple for the first time). 

Now speaking with people who are using it, they have told me that once you get used to it, it’s fine. You can load a program called Classic Shell. This loads a Windows 7 overlay onto your Windows 10 to make it more user-friendly. 

Most software does seem to work. Windows 10 wants you to use Microsoft Edge as the new browser (no toolbars, no words, and difficult to use). And not compatible with everyone’s websites.Windows 10 does have Internet Explorer 11, which is compatible with most websites. Cortana, the search feature, sends demographic and search results back to Microsoft for targeting you with ads and info. You can “turn this off” but it is on by default.

If you have older printers/scanners and want to continue to use them, make sure there are drives available before you upgrade. Not all hardware is compatible.

You can go back, but some stuff will get corrupted in the go back process.  If the computer had scheduled tasks, these will all be corrupted and need to be re-generated.  

According to reports, approximately 25 percent of businesses have adopted Windows 10. Now, it’s  up to you!”

Thanks, Victoria.

Any non-IT folks tried it? We would love to hear from you, too!

My Pinnacle Network Founder Steve Dubin was recently quoted in an article entitled “5 Networking Mistakes and How to Avoid Them”.  The article was posted in the Crossroads – Jobseeker News on Here’s Steve’s tip:

Not reciprocating the favor 

People also want to meet you because of your connections. We’re all hooked up in some way or another. Steve Dubin, co-founder of My Pinnacle Network, cautions against becoming this kind of connection.”You know the guy. Very outgoing, loud, lots of back-slapping. The problem? He is the ‘black hole’ of your network. He is the ‘one way’ street who gladly accepts personal introductions but very, very rarely reciprocates.” People are there for the connections just as much as you are. Be sure you’re giving back.

For the other five networking mistakes to avoid, click here.

MPN's Brightest Beacon, Nicole Connolly of, and MPN Founder Steve Dubin

MPN’s Brightest Beacon, Nicole Connolly of, and MPN Founder Steve Dubin


My Pinnacle Network, the business to business networking group with monthly meetings in Bourne, Braintree, Mansfield, Marshfield, Newton, and Westborough, MA, recently announced the winners of its first annual Networking Ninja Awards. The newly minted Networking Ninja Awards were created to recognize the region’s best networkers in four separate categories: Best Connector (helping bring people together); Most Ubiquitous (appears to be at every networking event); Most Altruistic (does most for others); and Brightest Beacon (adds energy to networking events).

Greg DeSimone, owner of Catapult Advisory Group located in Mansfield, MA took home the honors as Best Connector. He is a member of My Pinnacle Network-Mansfield.

Mitchell Zucker of ConnectPay based in Concord, MA won the Most Ubiquitous Networking Ninja Award. He is a member of My Pinnacle Network-Braintree Third Thursday.

David Allen, owner of Balance Wealth Advisors situated in Wellesley, MA won the Most Altruistic Networking Ninja Award. He is a member of My Pinnacle Network-Westborough and My Pinnacle Network-Newton.

Nicole Connolly of PhotoFabulousYou based in Westborough, MA won the Brightest Beacon honors for the second consecutive year. She is a member of My Pinnacle Network-Westborough.

“We had a number of networkers nominated for these awards and these individuals stood out as the cream of the crop in our region,” said Steve Dubin, founder of My Pinnacle Network. “Each of these winners has proven themselves to be first-rate connectors who are givers first, which is how they ultimately receive referrals for their respective businesses.”

Voting for the Networking Ninja Awards took place from January 1 through February 29 on the My Pinnacle Network website, Others nominated for awards include: David DeBlasio of Deblasio Marketing located in Stoughton, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Mansfield; Alex Bungener of Customers at the Speed of Light situated in Cotuit, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Marshfield; Jay Nuss of Jay Nuss Realty of Braintree, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Braintree Third Thursday; and George Rohlfing of Brookline Transportation based in Hanover, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Braintree Third Thursday.

Additional nominees included: John Cotton of First Citizens Federal Credit Union based in Fairhaven, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Bourne; Gary Weinman of Marcum located in Needham, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Westborough; Sheldon Prenovitz of ABResources situated in Westborough, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Westborough; and Juddy Vedder of Web Image Designs headquartered in Shrewsbury, MA and My Pinnacle Network-Westborough.

“Networking, sharing information and opportunity, is what makes the world go round,” noted Dubin. “Both whimsical and pragmatic, the Networking Ninja Awards provide recognition for many who typically do great deeds and humbly hang is the shadows.”

For information about the Networking Ninja Awards, please visit, or contact Steven V. Dubin at or 781-582-1061.

  • Get help in solving your business challenges.
  • Be supported by other business owners.
  • Be held accountable to follow through on solutions.

1 hour session per month is led by a certified Business Coach.

  • $99 / year
  • My Pinnacle Network members only.

The Ides of March, March 15, is not ordinarily a day of celebration. Unless you are My Pinnacle Network Partner Joe D’Eramo.

His father was born on that day in Introdaqua, a village in Italy.To hear Joe tell the story, his father wasn’t superstitious about that day either: “One great Italian went out, another came in.”.

For the rest of us, at least this year, the Ides of March is also a day of celebration as we name this year’s Networking Ninja Awards winners. The Awards event, which is doubling as a pre-St. Patrick’s Day party is being held on March 15, 5pm to 8pm, at the Mayflower Brewery, 12 Resnk Road, Plymouth, MA.

Admission is free to this event for both My Pinnacle Network members and guests. We’re serving food but you will need to bring money if you want to imbibe. And, we would still like you to register ahead of time so we can give Mayflower Brewery an idea of how many will be attending.

You can RSVP here or sending an e-mail to

Marcia Rosman, Business Broker Services
Will Shain, The Alternative Board

David Flaherty, Aflac
Ron Adams, Foxborough Consulting Group

Darrin Fitzgeral – Artie Media Group

Jennifer Powell – The Excellent Writers Group

Jed Toohey – R.P. Masiello