Why we forget the basics

As a writer, I sometimes run into a mental roadblock over thing that should be second nature. Basics like:

Is it who or whom?

Are all titles always capped or only in certain situations?

Compliment or complement?

That why having a handy style guide—hard copy and online—provides necessary reinforcement of things I already know. In networking, it’s also helpful to get an occasional refresher on the basics. An article on networking that I came across recently, the 59 commandments of Networking, offers reminders of some standard networking tips. Those include some basics like:

  • Focusing on passing leads and referrals rather than receiving
  • Coming prepared to each meeting and arriving early (10 minutes before meeting start minimum)
  • Regular one-on-ones
  • Following up on the action items discussed in those one-on-ones.
  • Being specific about the types of introductions and referrals you want
  • When making an introduction or passing a lead or referral, make sure to qualify. Nobody wants to call a lead or referral and that person is not expecting the call or e-mail.

The commandments that stood out the most in the group included: don’t expect to receive referrals right away and do not expect to get until you give. If you are a seasoned networker, you know how long it can take to build relationships to the point where giving and passing leads and referrals happens. That’s not to say it could not happen right away. It just usually takes time and patience and plenty of nurturing through regular communication at meetings, between meetings and keeping fellow networkers front of mind as you make your way through the course of business.

You can check out the full 59 by clicking here.