It’s the day after Father’s Day. For those lucky enough to still have their dads, we hope you got a chance to spend some time with him. If you have children, again, hope you spent some time on a beautiful day to do something together. If you didn’t, there’s always today, right? And tomorrow or the next day. In fact, you could argue that it’s more important to reach out to your dad on those days. Networking meetings have that same quality.

Yes, the monthly meeting is very important. Similar to a holiday, it brings us all together. Yet the success of a networking group and how it can best benefit you individually happens in the days after the meeting.

For example, you may have heard something in the elevator pitch of one of your fellow members or guests that made you think of one of your connections. It’s very important to follow up on that within a day or so of the meeting while it’s still fresh in your mind.

The same goes for one-on-ones, the lifeline of any networking organization. You should try to set up the one-on-one right after the meeting. Yet that’s not always easy to do as some people may have to leave right after the meeting. Anecdotally speaking, one-on-ones are more likely to happen if you set them up within 48 hours of the meeting. Otherwise, the idea of setting up a meeting takes its place among the many other things you need to do during the course of your busy work schedule.

So, you see, you can and probably should call Dad today. Just to say “hi” and thank him again for all he means to you. If your children did something special for, an extra hug the day after means just as much. And if there’s somebody you have meant to set up a one-on-one with and haven’t, here’s a reminder to put hat back to the front of your mind.

Happy Day After to all our Fathers out there!