That’s probably a question you have never been asked or even thought about. We are asking you now, specifically what do they do that makes them a great networker? Do you know? Have you ever asked them? Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery, but it also provides a lit pathway to success if you are willing to follow.

So, here’s an exercise for you if you want to grow as a networker. Target one or two of the best networkers you know. Invite them to have a one-on-one. Then, instead of asking about their business, ask for one or two tips on how they go about networking.

If that feels a little awkward, drop them a note first to let them know what you’re interest in. Say something like:

“Dear ___,

I consider you to be one of the best networkers I know. Would you be willing to take a minute or two on the phone or maybe grab a cup of coffee to discuss your approach to networking? I’d really appreciate it…”

You would be surprised how responsive people will be to such requests. Why? Because good networkers know that the most critical component to networking is effort. If you’re putting forth the effort to seek their guidance to grow your network, it actually will help grow their network even more. And that’s when networking is a win for everybody.