What’s on your Kindle?

Next time you’re at a networking event, try starting a conversation with that very question.

“Hi, I’m Steve Dubin of PR Works. What’s on your Kindle?”

Most likely whomever you ask that question will be stopped dead in their tracks. After all, you’re at a networking event. People don’t want to know that. It’s all about what do you do, here’s what I do, can we help each other, right?

Yes and no.

Ultimately, that’s what it comes down to, but what you really to get out of a networking event is a connection, not just a business card. To connect, it’s important for you to make an impression, AKA to be memorable. Is your opening line currently achieving that objective?

This not to cast aspersions on anybody. The vast majority of us go to networking events and start a conversation with “What’s your business?”. Sometimes that may work out. More likely, you will be just one of many said person meets that day. Chances are, however, if you have a memorable starter that’s a little different, you become more memorable and so does your business.

And if you don’t have a Kindle, there are plenty of other ways to start a conversation without going down the “What’s your business?” path. Here’s an article that offers a few suggestions.