Thank you, 2016

We will not soon forget the year 2016 for some very obvious reasons. The less obvious will be the iconic figures who left us this year.

It started early this year with the passing of David Bowie, Prince, Garry Marshall, Muhammad Ali, Gordie Howe, Arnold Palmer, Leonard Cohen and finally Fidel Castro. Yet the most difficult to absorb might be the loss of Florence Henderson, AKA Mrs. Brady.

What’s happened with the passing of these iconic figures is we remember their contributions and express appreciation for their talents and what it meant to us (with the definite exception of the notorious Castro).

Celebrity deaths make us feel sad and remind us of our own mortality. It also makes you wish you had one opportunity to say thank you.

“Thank you” to Prince for, among other things, Purple Rain.

“Thank you” to Mohamed Ali just for being “The Greatest”.

Hallelujah for Leonard Cohen.

Happy Days to Garry Marshall.

And bless you, Florence Henderson, for being Mrs. Brady.

Every day presents opportunities for gratitude for the people in our lives, both at work and during our personal time. This year has taught us quite a lot, but thanking the people in your life is one lesson worth taking into 2017.

Thank you for listening.