One-a-day networking

It happens to every business person. You know you need to be consistent with your networking efforts but there are times when getting your work done gets in the way. In situations like this, you have two choices: get mad at yourself or simply do one networking activity to get yourself back on track.

You can even take it one step further and make up your mind that you will do one networking-related activity per day.

If you’re in a networking group, call up one person to see if they can get together for coffee.

If you have time constraints that day, drop an e-mail to somebody in your contact sphere to inquire if there’s any new product or service they are offering that could help you pass them leads or referrals. Use that e-mail exchange to pass along similar business about your business.

What you don’t want to do is let one day without a networking activity turn into two, then three and the next thing you know a week or more has gone by. There’s no need to beat yourself up about it and there’s no way you can make up for lost time. Just do one thing today and make a goal of doing one thing tomorrow.

For the best networkers, it’s a habit. It’s just something they do a point where it’s just part of their day and they don’t even think of it as an extra. If you’re not there yet, simply do one networking thing a day and you will get there. Make it the first thing you do every day if you’re concerned about your day getting too busy and forgetting.

And what if you miss a day? Guess what? You can do one small thing tomorrow and start the habit again.