I’m thinking about downloading Windows 10 before the free upgrade expires at the end of the month. Frankly, it scares me to death. Which is why I’m asking my network-My Pinnacle Network-for their reviews of Windows 10.


When you are considering a purchase, what’s your first step? First, you want to find out as much about that product as you can. Second, you want to know what people who have purchased that product think. That typically means reading reviews online.

Chances are, you will not know one of the people posting. Maybe you can trust their opinion, maybe you can’t.

With a networking group like My Pinnacle Network, you not only have a resource for referrals, but a trusted source of feedback.

What makes a “review” from an MPN member even more reassuring is that it’s coming from a fellow B2B professional and business owner and that makes a HUGE difference.

Why? You don’t really know the context of an online review unless that person shares it. Fortunately, some folks do. But there could be ulterior motives for that review (e.g. that person might be an affiliate). Also, as a b2b professional, you have a reasonable idea of what your fellow networker is using the product for. Also, if they are in your networking group, you know you are going to see that person again, you tend to be a bit more honest, good and bad.

What that means is you might get a review that shares the benefits but points out a drawback or two. And the real beauty is you can have a real-time dialogue with that person. Part of that dialogue can include the question: knowing what you know, would you make that purchase again?

So, the next time you are looking to make a big business purchases, you still want to read the online reviews. But seek out other opinions from your actual network. It might help save you from a purchase you regret or, even better, get you off the fence to buy something that will benefit your business.

Now, about Windows 10…has anybody downloaded and what do you think?