Like networking

The word like has a lot to do with successful networking.

First, we tend to want to do business with people we like. It’s human nature. The same goes for leads and referrals. If you have a client who needs an accountant, are you going to refer one who you like and enjoy their company or somebody who you’re okay with but wouldn’t be your first choice to break bread with at social gathering? All things being equal with their accounting skills, you’re more likely to refer the person you like.

We founded My Pinnacle Network for a different kind of like. Business owners whose customers are other businesses travel the same lanes and tend to run into the same types of issues. This lends itself to discussions that can lead to referrals.

For example, a while back we had a meeting with a PR Works client to review upcoming press releases. Before the meeting starts, the client asks if we know any IT vendors. Apparently, they were having some issues with their current IT company.

Now, it’s possible that conversation could take place in a business-to-consumer scenario, like working with a realtor to purchase a new home. Yet it’s probably more likely in a B2B scenario.

This article from Inc. Magazine takes an even deeper look at the role likability plays in networking.

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