It takes two

Happy Palindrome Monday (7-17-17 backwards is also 7-17-17).

My Pinnacle Network allows guest two visits to a group before asking them to make a decision about joining. We do this for a couple of reasons.

First, we want people to be comfortable with our group and the members. Seeing people a second time certainly helps with that comfort level.  You might also hear things from people’s verbal brand the second time around that makes you think you could be a good referral source for them and vice versa.

Second, sometimes groups, just like people, have a bad day. Maybe several key members are out. Maybe it was a bad traffic day and people show up frazzled. A second visit can help you get a better take on if the group is always like this or was it a one-time thing.

Third, you get a chance to experience the group between meetings. With My Pinnacle Network, we circulate a spreadsheet after every meeting with the name and contact info of members and guests. This gives people a chance to reach out to fellow members and guests. If you commit to two meetings before making a decision, you get to see what follow up is like with the current members. Now, it will probably be a little different as a member. But if you are truly interested, you can start setting up one-on-ones right away to see if the group is a good fit for you.

Now, some seats in networking groups go faster than other, particularly for a niche like B2B. You may not have the luxury of a second meeting before making a second visit. So what then?

The answer to that will be different for everybody. We created My Pinnacle Network as a monthly group because most B2B folks are too busy to commit to a weekly meeting. So even though being a member requires you to be engaged, you don’t have to physically be at a meeting every week. So, your time commitment is reasonable.

Also, we also priced a My Pinnacle Network membership at a very reasonable $250 a year. This is so members could base their decision on the fit of the group more so than cost.

Does My Pinnacle Network fit into your schedule and budget? Drop a line to Steve Dubin at to see if your category is open at any of our seven locations.