It varies from business to business. You don’t want to embarrass your client by asking and potentially burn a bridge. After all, there could be a very reasonable explanation as to why you haven’t been paid

At the same time, there might not be. You’ve done the work, provided a service and now time has gone by and still no payment. And they have stopped returning calls and e-mails.

What now?

Carmella Beroth of Debt Management, Inc. will be speaking at the next My Pinnacle Network-Bourne meeting on Thursday, August 17 at 8am at Murray & MacDonald Insurance, 550 MacArthur Blvd, Bourne. She will be addressing this scenario and other collection issues. Guests are welcome to attend this meeting to learn more about this topic.

My Pinnacle Network is a monthly networking group for B2B professionals. Please contact Joe D’Eramo at if you are interested in attending.