Give a kind word…or more

The season of giving often puts us in an awkward position with clients and colleagues. Should you give a gift? Is a card enough? Will it make others feel like they have to give a gift or send a card? Valid questions but really not what the season of giving is and should be about. So, when it doubt, give a kind word.


A testimonial or recommendation can also be a nice thing to do for a client, colleague, vendor or other people in your network. If writing is not necessarily your thing, then leave a Google Review for their business. The review doesn’t have to be poetry. Just the appropriate number of stars and your honest recommendation of their business or service.

Will that make the recipient feel a need for reciprocity? Maybe. Yet that’s not really the point. The idea is if you want to give a gift and its something you have been meaning to do anyway, the season of giving is as good a time as any to share the love, admiration and respect you have for the people in your network.

Click here for info on how to leave a recommendation on LinkedIn.