Gratitude month continues this week with Veteran’s Day on Friday. If you know a veteran, give them a call or drop them a line to thank them for their service. And while a nice post on one of your social media pages is nice, how about going one step further and finding out if there are more people in your network who served?

How do you do that? Quite easy. Go to LinkedIn’s Advanced Search function. Under keywords, type in military or a particular branch of service, then check “1st Connections” under Relationships and then search. The results should turn up people in your network who served.

What next? Thank them, but also check in and see how things are going. Maybe even set up a time to get together and share some connections.

We admire our veterans for their service and their humility. Yet volunteering to serve your country is something that should be praised. This Veteran’s Day, take every opportunity you have to thank the veterans in your life. There are more than you know.