Many professionals regard the e-mail signature as an obligation. You know you should have one and provide all your content information. For many of us, we get hung up on titles and making sure every website and social media link is included. And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with doing that. But did you ever think of upping the ante and adding part of your messaging?

That could be a tagline (e.g. PR Works. When done correctly, PR Works). Or you could take it up a notch and make it more specific (e.g. PR Works—Press releases and content that tell your company’s story).

See the difference?

You could also take it up even further and add a link to your lead magnet or, even better, a picture of your lead magnet that links to a free download (the MPN lead magnet is pictured above). Or maybe, if you don’t have a lead magnet, you could link to your latest blog post with a teaser (e.g. check out our latest blog post on our newest product/service).

Now, you’re probably thinking, “It’s an e-mail signature, will I really get business from it?” Maybe, maybe not. But you have to remember that new business is about touches. Generally, it takes seven or more. If you are regularly e-mailing a prospect or someone in your network, they see your e-mail signature with every exchange. Whether they realize it or not, that puts you front of mind, even for a very short period of time. On some level that will register with the person you’re exchanging e-mail with. Who knows who they will be speaking with who might need that service?

The best part of being more specific with your e-mail signature—it’s very little work. Change it up every couple of weeks. See what happens. Honestly, you have very little to lose—you’re going to have an e-mail signature to share your contact info anyway, right—and much to gain.