When you join a networking group, the benefits abound. Let’s start with having a quasi sales force out there looking for leads for your business. You also have a sounding board to run ideas and issues by. That can be a huge thing for solopreneurs. But one of the more under-utilized assets of being in a networking group is social media content.

Think about it. What’s one of your biggest issues with running a social media site? Coming up with content. By being in a networking group should give you access to fellow members’ content. It’s pretty simple to like someone’s page, connect or follow, right?

So, if you’re in a pinch and need some content, check out what your fellow networkers are posting. Maybe it’s something you can share on your page. Be sure to credit your fellow networker so you can introduce him/her to your audience as well. Who knows? That might lead to some business for them.

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