Lead/Introduction Development

Although cordial and welcoming, this is NOT a social group. Members join MyPinnacleGroup to get and give leads/introductions. Thus, each member should be an extended sales force for other members.

In that spirit, each member is required to identify and share at least three leads/introductions per half year – or six per year.

We are all in the same business traffic lanes and should recognize red flag/need signs from our clients and prospects. Make an effort to see these signs and connect clients and prospects with other members of the group.


Leads/introductions should not be squandered, ignored or taken for granted in any way.

Timely follow up and thorough feedback for the giver of the lead/introduction will encourage future leads/introductions. Follow up within 3 working days is suggested.


“Eighty percent of success is showing up,” noted Woody Allen. Your success in MyPinnacleGroup is similar.

Show up and good things will happen. Show up and others will as well. The very core of a networking group is ATTENDANCE.

Thus, our most important rule is that you are allowed one miss and one miss with a substitute for each six month timeframe. The timeframes include January 1 through June 30 and July 1 through December 31.

Substitutes should come prepared to outline the activity within the group of the person they are subbing for. Substitutes are also encouraged to take advantage of their visit by providing an elevator pitch for themselves.

Failure to attend meetings or arrange for a substitute indicate a lack of commitment to the group. Extenuating circumstances will be taken into account, but failure to meet attendance requirements can lead to removal from the group.

Getting to Know You – 1 on 1 Coffee Meetings

The more we know each other, the better chance we have of making appropriate introductions.

It is NOT mandatory, but strongly recommended that you meet with a member or two each month for a cup of coffee. This meeting is to outline a fuller perspective of your business and clearly understand each other.

Try to meet with each member of the group to create a more personal link and to better understand their business. Prepare for this meeting. See if you can bring one introduction to the meeting. Make it a “Rolodex” meeting. Bring your smartphone, laptop or tablet with your personal database information – conversation may lead to an immediate introduction.

Member Categories

Accountant, Advertising Agency, Advertising Specialties, Answering service, Architect – Commercial, Bank, Business Broker, Business coach, CFO (for hire), Cleaning – Commercial, Coffee service, Collections, Concierge, Copier, Cost segregation, Courier, Doc Shredding, Financial Planning, Graphic Design, HR, Insurance, IT Services, Legal – business attorney, Long distance carriers, Moving – Commercial, Office Supplies, Payroll, Printer, Public Relations, RE – Commercial, Recruitment, Sales coach, Security – Commercial, SEO, Signage, Social Media, Telephone Hardware, Telephone Long Distance, Temp Agency, Videographer, Web Development


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