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Why My Pinnacle Network?

You’ve tried other networking events? You’ve endured other weekly networking cults?

If you are a "business to business professional" you probably came away scratching your head and wondering how to recoup those wasted hours.

My Pinnacle Network is NOT your old boys’ network.

The business model is based on a simple premise. Most people buy from someone they know, like and trust. And they buy from those referred and introduced to them by someone they know, like and trust.

Business to business professionals such as accountants, lawyers, financial planners, printers, sales coaches and more than 40 other categories we have identified build their entire practice on referrals and introductions.

This "business to business" networking group streamlines the process by putting members shoulder to shoulder with others who are in the exact same traffic lanes. Yet, if approved, you have the exclusive rights to your category. And you block your competition. Unlike Noah’s Ark, we only bring one business species in at a time.
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First and foremost, the My Pinnacle Network is open ONLY to business to business professionals. No more wasting time with the fruit basket lady, the chiropractor or the nail salon operator – not that these are bad people, they are just less productive as lead sources for business to business professionals.

My Pinnacle Network does NOT waste your time with weekly meetings. We gather once per month and maintain enough contact among group members to generate significant introductions without becoming a nuisance and time waster.

There are several other advantages that My Pinnacle Network offers to business to business professionals. My Pinnacle Network adds the element of "high tech" to "high touch" of monthly face to face meetings. All group data flows through a robust and easy to use website. This keeps everyone accountable and highly visible.

All introductions/leads are posted to the My Pinnacle Network website and the website’s automation both tracks leads and provides reminders to pursue them. Each member’s lead production and closing ratio can be measured by the group leader at any time. Thus, non-productive members can be further coached to improve their value to the group or replaced by someone who will be more productive.

The website also acts as a marketing tool for members. Members have access to members not only in their own group, but in others as well.

If interested, please fill out the Membership Application form.

We encourage you to attend a meeting to determine if there is a fit.

Once we’ve reviewed your application and obtained input from your Network Leader, we will contact you to determine your next step.


Steven V. Dubin, Founder, My Pinnacle Group

For a list of other upcoming networking events, please go to our blog.

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